Value and endangered vegetation habitats in the Arctic: criteria and approaches to conservation

Date/time: December 4, 10:30-12:00

Room: Utsikten

Session organizers: Natalia Koroleva, Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden Institute of Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Marc Roekaerts, Council of Europe and Kristine Westergaard, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)

The session will encourage future efforts on a framework of discovery, establishment and protection of valued and endangered Arctic habitats. Notable efforts on Arctic habitat protection are undertaken both on the local level (Red Lists for ecosystems) and regional and European levels (NATURA and Pan-European Emerald Network). But still, neither the value of endangered habitats in the Arctic, nor special features and principles of Arctic Ecological Networks are well established. Co-chairman Marc Roekaerts will survey the network of areas of special interest, protected value and endangered habitats and species in Europe. Kristine Westergaard will reveal the danger of habitat fragmentation for rare Arctic species based on genetic variation investigations. Kristian Hassel will discuss how bryophyte diversity in high and low Arctic Greenland is of great value because cryptogams are a major part of the biodiversity of Arctic ecosystems, and methods of protection of rare cryptogamic species are linked with habitat protection. Alexander Novakovskiy’s presentation discusses the adaptation strategies of vascular plants in the north and how they contribute to the structure of habitats. Anna-Liisa Ruotsalainen will present on a joint Nordic conservation program for Arctic plants and habitats and the success of Scandinavian countries in habitat protection networks establishment. 

Session theme: Arctic change, resilience and adaption 

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