Traditional knowledge and the co-production of knowledge

Date/time: December 2, 13:00-14:30 (part one). Session will continue 15:00-16:30 (part two).

Room: San Siro 2

Session organizers: Carolina Behe, Inuit Circumpolar Council and Henry Huntington, Huntington Consulting

This session will focus on efforts to connect traditional knowledge, across time and space and also in its application to decisions and management, and its use in circumpolar initiatives. Much work has been done to document traditional knowledge, but less has been done to connect traditional knowledge studies and holders with one another to build a larger community of practice. Similarly, less work has been done to examine how traditional knowledge is used in decisions and management. Focusing on ways in which traditional knowledge has been engaged in large-scale research, assessment, monitoring, and other efforts around the Arctic this session will explore key themes in ways that traditional knowledge can be connected to other ways of knowing, the concept of co-production of knowledge and how large-scale activities can engage in the co-application of traditional knowledge and western science. A series of presentations will lead into group discussion, which will be continued in a second session scheduled after the coffee break.

Part one: Presentations

Discussion and open exchange of ideas and practices.

Part two: discussion and open exchange of ideas and practices (continuing 15:00-16:30).

Session theme: Mainstreaming biodiversity: linking Arctic ecosystems to society

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