Practices in ecological characterization and monitoring in relation to energy exploration and development

Date/time: December 3, 10:30-12:00

Room: Mesanin 1

Session organizer: Louis Brzuzy, Shell

The development of energy resources within a changing Arctic that is being impacted by global factors, as well as local opportunities for economic and industrial growth, is an issue of significant interest to the pan-Arctic and global communities.

The Arctic has been projected to contain a significant portion of the global undiscovered energy resources. As energy companies and governmental agencies move toward the opening of the Arctic for development, there are also emerging practices for the characterization of the ecological character of these regions, the examination of existing baseline conditions, and the monitoring of change related to development activities. This session on the examination of these practices features presentations that are related to innovative investigation of the Arctic ecosystems and the monitoring of effects related to energy exploration.

Session theme: Mainstreaming biodiversity: linking Arctic ecosystems to society

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