Getting here and around

Trondheim is situated in central Norway and is easily accessible from all parts of the country.

By air

Trondheim Airport Værnes, the main international airport is no more than 30 kilometres away from the city centre. In addition to frequent domestic departures and arrivals with the airlines SAS, and Wideroe, Trondheim Airport Værnes also has direct flights from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London (Stansted), Prague, Murcia, Alicante, Berlin, Barcelona, Tallinn and more.

From the Værnes airport to town

The bus stop is outside the main exit of the airport (platform A5 and A6). There are two competing companies operating the route to Trondheim, Værnesekspressen and Nettbuss Flybussen.

Værnesekspressen departures every 20 minutes from the airport, and stops at hotels in the city centre and outside Scandic Lerkendal hotel.

Ticket fares Adult 140,- NOK

Adult round trip 240,- NOK

Nettbuss Flybussen departs from the airport every 10 min (Monday - Friday + Saturday) until 10.30 PM. After 10.30 PM there are departures after each flight arrival. On Saturdays there are departures every 15 min. (after 06.30 PM there are departures after each flight arrival). The bus stops in Trondheim closest to the city centre are “the central station”, “Søndre gate” or “Torget”. The bus also goes to the venue “Lerkendal stadion” on request. Estimated travel time from the airport to the city centre is about 35 minutes and from the airport to Scandic Lerkendal about 53 minutes.

Ticket fares Adult 130,-NOK

Adult - round trip 220,- NOK

From town to the Værnes airport

 Værnesekspressen departs every 20 minutes (Monday – Friday) from 05:07 - and 07 – 27- 47 minutes past the hour all day with the last departure at 20:07. Saturday departure every hour from 04:07 untill 18:07. Sunday departures every hour from 04:07 untill 13:07, and 07 – 27 – 47 minutes past the hour all day with the last departure at 20:07. Værnesekspressen departs directly outside Scandic Lerkendal, and estimated travel time from Scandic Lerkendal to the airport is 45 minutes.

Nettbuss Flybussen the schedule is similar to the departures from the airport. For departure to Værnes airport the closest bus stop to the Scandic Lerkendal is “Tempe kirke”. Estimated travel time is 53 minutes.


Bus service- AtB

Trondheim has a well-developed public transport system. At the AtB customer service centre you can buy tickets and t:cards (smart cards for public transport), and get information about schedules and help with other questions regarding public transport in Trondheim and Sør-Trøndelag. Ticket machines have also been deployed at several locations in the centre, and you can also book your trip using your mobile phone.

There are bus lines reaching all destinations in the city with frequent departures on many lines. There are several bus lines that operate between the city centre and the Scandic Lerkendal area, and the trip will take 5-15 minutes depending on traffic. Buses in the city are handled by AtB, and for the most recent information it is advised to visit their website.. Information on bus lines between the city center and the Scandic Lerkendal Hotel will be provided at the Congress venue.

How to use the AtB public transport system

  • Use the designated bus stops. When you want the bus to stop, alert the driver by holding out your hand.
  • On the bus, you pay with your t:kort or cash. They do not accept credit cards.
  • If one person is paying for a group of people, please help the driver by boarding the
    bus together.
  • Baby carriages must always be attached to the security straps on board, or held safely.
  • Be considerate to your fellow passengers.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted on board the bus.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden on board the bus.
  • Be visible. Always use reflectors, even when there are streetlights.
  • Always have your ticket ready for validation when taking the bus


Ticket fares

Adult single ticket purchased onboard the bus 50,- NOK

Adult single ticket purchased on a ticket machine 37,- NOK

24 hour svipp ticket can be purchased at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli de Luca, AtB service centers 90, - NOK

For more information please see Visit Trondheim.


By train

The Norwegian State Railways (NSB) has trains from Bodø in the north to Kristiansand in the south. "Nabotåget" departs twice a day from Östersund in Sweden to Trondheim.


By ship

If you want to travel along the coast, you may experience "the world's most beautiful voyage" aboard Hurtigruten. The ship follows the coast from Bergenin the south to Kirkenes in the north, and offers a great opportunity to experience the Norwegian coast from the sea. Whether you wish to travel in summer or winter, both the north- and southbound ships call in Trondheim daily year round. Kystekspressen - the coastal express, runs between Kristiansund and Trondheim three times daily. There are express passenger boat services from Trondheim to Vanvikan in Fosen, departing about once an hour. From Flak, approximately 10 kilometres west of the city centre, there are frequent car ferry crossings to Fosen.


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