Congress Co-Chairs Report 2014

Read the short report from the Congress Co-Chairs that identifies the highlights of the event

Feedback 2014

Were you one of the 450 people that attended the Congress? What did you think? We want to hear from you!

Submit session details 2014

Rapporteurs and session organizers please submit the results of your session here.

December 2 IISD Report 2014

The daily report for December 2 from the IISD.

December 3 IISD Report 2014

The daily report for December 3 from the IISD.

December 4 IISD Report 2014

The daily report for December 4 from the IISD.

IISD Summary Report 2014

Read the summary report from the IISD and Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

Congress Reporting

There will be several outputs arising from the Congress, including:

  • Co-chairs’ report
  • Reports on session outcomes provided to CAFF
  • Outreach and documentation through CAFF’s websites
  • Outreach to a global audience, including through IISD’s Reporting Services
  • Networking opportunities and inspiration

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Reporting Services

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has sent a reporting team to capture the proceedings of the Arctic Biodiversity Congress. The IISD will write short daily updates from the Congress and a more comprehensive final summary report upon Congress completion. The IISD will also post daily digital photos from the event. All coverage will be distributed on the IISD’s Reporting Services website, the Arctic Biodiversity Congress website as well as on IISD and CAFF’s social media and email channels.

Read the IISD/ENB coverage of the Arctic BIodiversity Congress

Congress reporting team

Each session organizer and assigned rapporteur will complete an online reporting tool to gather information from the proceedings of each session. Information will be used to inform the Congress outcomes.

Co-chairs report

After the event our co-chairs will work to deliver a report that provides an overview of Congress content and a summary of main findings. This report will be published on the Congress website:

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