How to approach collaborative research on herbivory: an ecological interaction of key importance

Date/time: December 2, 15:00-16:30

Room: Gofoten

Session organizer: Virve Ravolainen, Norwegian Polar Institute on behalf of the Herbivory Network

Plant-herbivore interactions can be seen as a core in Arctic socio-ecological networks where all parts are, as identified in the recent Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, under the influence of climate change. Although many studies suggest that the role of herbivory depends on ecosystem-specific conditions, the causes of context-dependency are unclear partly due to diverging study approaches. This accentuates the need for harmonizing data collection efforts in the circumpolar Arctic. This session focuses on how to develop collaborative research and monitoring that will increase our understanding of how and when herbivores modulate the responses of tundra ecosystems to environmental changes.

Session theme: Arctic change, resilience and adaptation

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