How to preserve the tundra in changing climate

Date/time: December 2, 13:00-14:30

Room: Gofoten

Session organizer: Johan Olofsson, Umeå University

Northern ecosystems are currently changing in response to a changing climate. One factor that has been proposed to mitigate these changes has been reindeer grazing. This session will present new results about the potential of reindeer to prevent vegetation changes and positive feedbacks to a global energy balance. It will include six short presentations following a short panel discussion. The presentations will deal with: how the vegetation in the Fennoscandian tundra is expected to change in response to a warmer climate, the potential of reindeer to mitigate these changes, how the effects of reindeer interact with insect outbreaks, potential feed-backs of reindeer-driven vegetation changes on energy balances via changes in albedo, how these potential effects are realized in complex landscapes, and finally the integration of science and policy in social-ecological systems of Northern Fennoscandia.

Session theme: Arctic change, resilience and adaptation


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