Cumulative effects in the Arctic: challenges and opportunities in a changing environment

Date/time: December 3, 15:00-16:30

Room: Mesanin 2

Session organizer: Jamie Trammell, University of Alaska, Anchorage and Scott Slocombe, Wilfrid Laurier University

Although required in most environmental assessments, there is no global standard or commonly accepted approach to defining or quantifying cumulative effects. Additionally, the need to understand cumulative effects is often cited as one of the most pressing questions in ecology and conservation. As both climate and human activities continue to change the Arctic, it is imperative that the cumulative effects of these activities are better understood. By highlighting various ways in which cumulative effects have been documented and monitored in different Arctic regions, this session will provide an opportunity to discuss some common goals and potential approaches to describing cumulative effects in the Arctic.

Session theme: Understanding cumulative effects and managing impacts

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