Circumpolar marine biodiversity in the Arctic

Date/time: December 2, 13:00-14:30

Room: San Siro 1

Session organizers: Knut Eirik Jørstad, Jørstad marin AS / Institute of Marine ResearchJørgen Schou Christiansen, University of Tromsø and Hein Rune Skjodal

The ongoing warming of the sub-Arctic and Arctic seas presently shifts the distributional range for a number of boreal and Arctic species and, at the same time, opens up for human activities in previously inaccessible areas. Recent studies also show genetic linkages between marine species in sub-Arctic Pacific and Euro-Arctic waters and new invasions are pending. Therefore, Arctic marine fauna must be viewed in a circumpolar context to develop proper monitoring and management policies. This calls for more comprehensive studies of phylogeography and taxonomical and functional biodiversity to meet the conservation aims raised in the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment report.

Session theme: Understanding cumulative effects and managing impacts

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